We create the next generation of digital thought leaders through our innovative University-as-a-Service platform

As the first 100% digitally designed and platform-based university with a focus on digital content, we stand for the dissolution of the classical separation of departments. Our digital foundation helps to overcome the traditional challenges of higher education and adequately prepare the next generation of the workforce. Our students and certificate graduates experience a UDS community that culminates in the "Shared Intelligence and Competence" concept.
Studying at UDS
At UDS, we will offer the following course programs:
The Master's program focuses on digital transformation, digital value creation, the use of data analysis and artificial intelligence in several digital areas/business fields, and the design of measures for digital analysis and digital data communication using digital methods and analysis tools. The course "Digital Science" concludes as a "Master of Science" with the addition of "special focus...". (one of the seven options offered, depending on your choice).
The classic analytical and data-driven consulting approach works well in existing and relatively stable customer markets. However, this approach quickly reaches its limits in fast-growing companies operating in new, technologically dynamic markets. Digitalization is changing cross-industry business logic, and even in undynamic industries, companies today must be able to interact under increased speed and disruptive pressure. The ability to change becomes a necessary core competency.

The management consultancy of the future must be able to integrate and convey these competencies in its consulting approach. The UDS offers a new course of studies from the triad of innovation, strategy, and technology, the skill set of the consultants and managers of the future. This Master completes with a "Master of Arts."
The Master Digital Inclusion is one of the first in Europe and a groundbreaking program that meets the existing and continuing demand for eInclusion experts. The relevance of this Master's program is underlined by the increased focus on promoting e-Inclusion in the EU.

The Master will focus on these social and ethical issues and the technological aspects of ensuring equal access to ICT and the benefits of using ICT. The modules cover the legal and regulatory framework, accessibility of websites, and inclusive design. The Master's degree is a "Master of Science".
The Master in Communication of Digital Media qualifies students for management positions in journalism, corporate communications, and public relations in media companies as well as in the communications departments of companies in other sectors at home and abroad.

The interdisciplinary Master's program builds on existing basic knowledge in media and communications science and offers both scientific and application-oriented specialization in the fields of corporate communications and journalism. For this purpose, the program imparts theoretical, methodical, and practical knowledge.

One aim of the Master's program is to provide students with skills for communication in risk and crises. This is done by employing theoretical models, case studies, as well as practical tasks and exercises. A further aim is to improve the students' orientation skills in an increasingly complex political, economic, sociological, technological, and legal environment of media communication. Besides, students should reflect on and consider different approaches to ethical and social responsibility and sustainability both from companies and from journalistic reporting. This Master's degree is a "Master of Arts".
The MBA "Digital Entrepreneurship", developed from the interdisciplinary focus of the UDS, combines technical and innovative work with entrepreneurial thinking and action. Our students acquire the know-how to successfully and innovatively assert themselves as responsible entrepreneurs and managers in their respective industries and to implement their creative ideas entrepreneurially.

The MBA "Digital Entrepreneurship" offers the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and all-important competencies of entrepreneurial work in a highly professional and innovative environment. Our international partners from business and science have a high degree of competence and professionalism and focus on the practice-oriented and innovative education of their students. The MBA "Digital Entrepreneurship" is the successful combination of state-of-the-art knowledge and entrepreneurial competence at the highest international level.
In close international cooperation with universities around the world, UDS will offer doctoral research studies and graduate courses of lectures. Supervision of the dissertation project will take place at UDS within the Competence Centers. Please refer to the information on our website or contact UDS directly about the planned PhD programmes.
A certificate at UDS provides the opportunity to acquire scientifically sound expertise in a subject area and to apply it on solving concrete, practice-oriented questions. The UDS certificates mainly aim at professionals who wish to acquire new knowledge and further their education while being employed.

The certification of education at UDS guarantees a high academic level. All contents are geared to the current requirements of the labor market and are prepared and mediated technically, methodically and scientifically according to the standards of university education.
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